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Suspicious Delicious

The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean

Al!ve Best.-Nr. 808912(CD)/808911(LP) | amazon.de | iTunes

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Click on the title to hear a snippet from the song Waiting" is a full-lenght free MP3 download!

    1. I Won't Take Your Answer
    2. Free MP3 download: Waiting
    3. Speed Boat
    4. Liza
    5. Your Girl
    6. Sittin'
    7. Officer In Germany
    8. Back In Town
    9. From Bagdad To Berlin
    10. Missing You
    11. You Won't Be Back
    12. New Game
    13. My Baby Just Cares For Me

All Songs written by The Special Guests except #13 by Gus Kahn/Walter Donaldson.

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About the album

Ska going Zeitgeist

They did not want to sound like Jamaican bands in the 60ies. 2tone could not be it, either. The Special Guests are a band of our days. So why not use some modern sounds for their fourth album? Yes,  SUSPICIOUS DELICIOUS is a ska album. And yes, it features drum loops, samples and synthesizers. The Special Guests take Ska into the new millenium, without denying its Jamaican roots. There's still that special beat. What 2tone was at the end of the 70ies is today... let's call it toxicSKA.

Lukas Leonhardt is responsible for that new sound. As the producer and arranger he's found the right way of emphasizing Willie Ocean's extraordinary talents. The new singer's charismatic, soulful voice  perfectly fits in the well proven songwriting. At the same time, Willie's a kick-in-the-ass for the band to look for new ways to stay ahead of the Ska crowd.

SUSPICIOUS DELICIOUS will be available from October 14th, 2005 (rough trade/iTunes).


20.03.2009 Berlin, Kesselhaus - Good bye Concert

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