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Paprika Korps

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Album Info

Here comes "Heavy Reggae Rockers" from Poland! Alarming guitar lines meet driving offbeats, deep bass sounds, dub elements and catchy refrains.  For Paprika Korps, who come from the heavily industrialized region around Katowice, Reggae is still a medium of protest and rebellion. Rewolucja!

Their album "telewizor" will be available in stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and online (almost worldwide) on eMusic, iTunes and OggStar.com from April 2006.

"telewizor" was recorded in 2003, but has only been released in Poland then. The special "german edition" contains some extras: Three remixes, one of them previously unreleased, and two songs from the album “Kolejny Krok” (1999), which have also not been released in Germany before.


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Track List

Don't Trust
, From Soul To Soul and Rewolucja are full-length songs!

1. Don't Trust complete song (mp3)
2. Crowd snippet (mp3)
3. Klamca Ausschnitt (mp3)
4. Promises Ausschnitt (mp3)
5. Camp Babylon Ausschnitt (mp3)
6. Starting Line Ausschnitt (mp3)
7. KTO Ausschnitt (mp3)
8. Riddim Ausschnitt (mp3)
9. To Conquer And To Rule Ausschnitt (mp3)
10. Telewizor Ausschnitt (mp3)
11. Facts Of Life Remix Ausschnitt (mp3)
12. Promises Remix Ausschnitt (mp3)
13. Don't Trust In Dub Ausschnitt (mp3)
14. From Soul To Soul kompletter Song (mp3)
15. Rewolucja kompletter Song (mp3)

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Release Date

April 7th 2006

Band photos

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Tour Dates

presented by Riddim, SlamZine, Wahrschauer and Irieites

08.07.2011 Dresden, Groovestation
09.07.2011 Sacka, Bulliklinik "Campers HiFi 2011"

Booking: Agents 4 Music

More concerts to come!
For more dates outside Germany check the band homepage.

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