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Hidden Pleasures

Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels

Rough Trade Best.-Nr. 341.0002.2 | amazon.de | iTunes

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The Rebel Revolution

3.Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
4.Sold Out
5.With Love
6.Bin grad in Las Vegas, Baby
7.Stay Out Late
8.Home In The Rain
9.I'm In The Mood For A Riot
10.Back in 100 Years
11.The Same All Over
12.100 Years Later
13.Yeah Yeah
14.Too Little Too Late

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Album info

Mod is back (I'm In The Mood For A Riot, Baby)

All of a sudden every new band name begins with "The". Thirtysomethings tell each other on cocktail parties that Punk is "back again". Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels are the band so far behind fashion to be the real avantgarde. They combine the snotty Punk attitude of the late 70ies with Ska, soulful Reggae, Mestizo rhythms and catchy refrains to makes the audience dance right from the first song and sing along with a raised fist.

The Young Soul Rebels are no nobodies: The musicians play and played with Mother's Pride, Yummy, The Pillocks, Madlock's and Blechreiz.