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The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean

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Love, Roots and Energy
"Beetroot": The new album by The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean

No, The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean have not converted to some esoteric belief. Or changed their diet. The nine musicians from Berlin still seek enlightenment only through music. The "Beetroot" stands for the energy of the roots – the musical roots, in this case. After 13 years of touring, how could one of Germany's most popular Ska bands not believe in the power of Jamaican offbeat groves? Ska is still the basis of their sound. But they are not afraid of pop songs or experimental sounds. "Beetroot", their 5th full-length album, takes their very own interpretation of offbeat music to a new level: "Swings... like it's coming directly from a bar in Kingston", a reviewer of the SLAM magazine wrote. "Well, some jazz and beat elements have infiltrated the songs, but that only adds more spice... hot!"

"Beetroot" contains 12 original songs and a cover version of "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" by Tracy Chapman. The song was especially chosen for a live performance in the Arte TV studios in Paris in December 2006. The session was filmed by Paul Ouzan and broadcast on December 30th.

The CD also contains a video for the title song "Beetroot". It's a no-budget-d.i.y.-production, filmed in a retiree's living room in Berlin, featuring the infuriated inhabitant. The video was released on YouTube in February 2007 and gained more than 2000 views in the first couple of hours.

"Beetroot" will be available in shops and online from April 20th. The CD will be distributed by Rough Trade (Germany, Austria), LeechRedda (Switzerland) and Sonic Rendezvous (Belgium, The Netherlands). The online version will be available world wide on all major plattforms including iTunes, eMusic, AOL, Napster, finetunes, Musicload.  The Special Guests feat. Wille Ocean will present their new album on tour in Germany and Austria in May and June 2007.

The Interview: "Dance music is not necessarily dumb"

Willie Ocean, singer of  The Special Guests, about the new album "Beetroot", irony and political statements in music.

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1. Beetroot 2:56 (full song mp3)            
2. Up To You 2:46
3. Drop In The Ocean 3:17
4. Talkin' Bout A Revolution 4:53
5. Build A Castle 3:17
6. Ask My Mom 3:29
7. Wannabe 2:42
8. Love Chains 3:41
9. I Got Music 4:23
10. Security 2:55
11. Headshrinker 3:10
12. Mascara 2:37
13. Free 4:44
Bonus: Video "Beetroot"

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Tour Dates

20.03.2009 Berlin, Kesselhaus - Good bye Concert

Booking: Agents4Music

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