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Fly Over The Yard

Lo-Fi Youthz

Release date: 17.07.2009
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High above the roofs of Berlin the Fire Tower Studio, located at one of the big traffic artery, is broadcasting it's vibes into the morning sky. While endless queues of commuters in cars and trains are entering the city, Lukas is going to shut down his computer. A new track is in the can.

Lo-Fi Youthz means Reggae, Hip Hop and Dancehall out of the morning of Berlin. Lukas Leonhard and Longfingah are Lo-Fi Youthz. Producer and sound designer Lukas already worked with musicians like Vic Ruggiero at his Fire Tower Studio. He is twiddling with Drum'n'Bass tracks and recording albums for Reggae bands. As a finger exercise in between he plays the drums for an old New Orleans Jazz band at a pub once a week.

Longfingah is one of Berlin's most talented Ragga artists. Many sound systems and Reggae bands asking him to contribute his energetic skills. Moreover the reputation of Berlin's all star band Wood In Di Fire is based to some extend on his abilities. Lukas is playing in this band too, indulging his passion for a suspect mixture of Jazz and Roots Reggae.

Both Lukas Leonhard and Longfingah merged their capacities for Lo-Fi Youthz and instinctively found a joint entirety that comes straight from the heart. Lukas Leonhard wrote the riddims, built the beats, sampled recordings and invited guest musicians for over dubs into his studio. Longfingah contributed his hooks and melodies to the tracks. He is energetically protesting against insularity, neoliberalism and everyday life's fight for survival. Besides that, he probably is still dreaming that finally Berlin will be located at the shores of the sea backed by the Harz-mountains.

'Fly Over The Yard' will be released on moanin' (Alive) as well as at many download shops like iTunes, eMusic, Napste, AOL, etc. on July 17th, 2009.


1. Warm Up
2. Clear Like Water
3. I Am
4. Big Things
5. Over The Yard
6. No Sleep Interlude
7. Shine
8. Keep On Walking
9. Foolish Youthz
10. Too Far
11. Wha Yuh Go Do?
12. Warning
13. Come Along
14. Let You Know
15. Soulfire
16. Flying High
17. Dub Warning

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Free Download EP "Warm Up" of Lo-Fi Youthz

An EP with 4 fresh tunes taken from the debut album of Lo-Fi Youth is available as a free download here. 'Fly Over The Yard' will be released on July 17th on moanin'.

Download "Warm UP"-EP of Lo-Fi Youthz

1. Over The Yard
2. I Am
3. Shine
4. Soulfire

Video 'Shine'

For the single 'Shine' Andreas Mulsow produced a nice video:


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Foto: Robert Hampicke

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Foto: Robert Hampicke




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