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Release: 2009/11/20
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1. ma - pa
2. nie musisz się bać
3. star out of blue
4. tortem
5. easy one more day
6. move your eyes
7. ostatni dzień lata
8. lubię ten sen
9. good life
10. very loud
11. waiting
12. boys and girls
13. mam
14. death of a surfer girl (L.Stadt)


Poland is the new place to be for pop music with electronic synthie sounds of the 80ies mixed with the attitude of a singer songwriter. As animation movie maker, drawer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Soniamiki lives right in the middle of scene of young polish artists. In the beginning her little music project was intended for a fashion show of friendly designer. Artwork and cover of her record are also made by friends. Her partner is the singer of the post-rock band L.Stadt, who's 'Death of a Surfer Girl' she made a very nice cover version of. Soniamiki likes to play live with a drummer, a guitarist, her computer, her self singing and - glad to see - also simultaneously playing bass.

Her debut album '7pm' will be released on moanin' on November, 20th. The record will be available through all well known download shops like iTunes, eMusic, Napster, AOL, etc.



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new dates planned for 2011.

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