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Noon On The Moon

Wood In Di Fire

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About the Album

'Wood In Di Fire is the best thing to happen to Berlin since the destruction of its wall. Well, there may be a bit of exaggeration there, but this band is fantastic!' King Django wrote about Wood In Di Fire and their last album 'Off The Hook' (2005 moanin').

Now once again Wood In Di Fire spend some days at Germany's idyllic Uckermark to record their third album in a converted barn in the late summer of 2007. Later some overdubs were made at the Berlin based FireTowerStudio, run by drummer and producer Lukas Leonhardt. With 'Noon On The Moon" the Berlin Allstar Band launch their first record consisting entirely of original tracks. Featured guest artists include past collaborators Ann Kristin Beelitz and Longfingah as singers.

'Noon On The Moon' will be released on June 20th, 2008, and will be available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux and various download shops worldwide, like iTunes, eMusic, Napster, AOL and many more.


1. Someday They'll Know
2. Reasons To Stay
3. Try On
4. Laos Para Ti
5. Sometimes
6. Blue Abou
7. Let My People Know - full length mp3-download!
8. A Letter To Ernest
9. Hey Stranger
10. Noon On The Moon
11. Gojko Mitic
12. Illusion
13. Someday They'll Dub

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About the recordings for 'Noon On The Moon'


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Gallery: recording session for Noon on the Moon


13.05.2011 Berlin, Schokoladen
10.06.2011 Berlin, Schokoladen
17.07.2011 Berlin, Schokoladen Hoffest

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