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Living In Sin

Vic Ruggiero

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Album info

For those who know Vic Ruggiero as the singer and organist of the fabulous New York Ska act The Slackers, his solo album comes as a surprise: It's a freaky tour through American singin' / songwriting tradition. Ruggiero puts on the guitar and plays stirring Rockabilly and Country straight from the sketchbook, telling harebrained stories about madmen and New Jersey girls. An awesome album, recorded single-handedly by a brilliant musician and storyteller.

For Vic Ruggiero, the difference between the styles of The Slackers and his solo recording are no contradiction. "It seems that most people who listen to Ska and Reggae also like these other kinds of music - old Rock'n'Roll, Blues, good Country music..." All his songs were written in the same way. If they sounded like The Slackers or like Johnny Cash, is all a matter of interpretation.

"Living In Sin / Understanding New Jersey” has been recorded as early as 1997, but has never been "officially" released until 2006.

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Amazon.de (Germany)
LeechRedda (Switzerland)
Sonic Rendezvous (The Netherlands, Belgium)
Stubborn Records (USA)

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1. Emelia 2:04
2. A New Reflection 4:34
3. 23rd + 2nd 3:30
4. Monday 2:40
5. Jimmy 2:58
6. My Question 4:02
7. Do You Good 2:14
8. The Cat 2:49
9. Papa Told Me 2:59
10. Intro 0:42
11. Sole Are Fish For Boots 3:23
12. Out Of My Window 4:58
13. Sunday 4:28
14. Tree City USA 1:43
15. This 2:33
16. Neatly 3:23
17. I Didn't Think 2:44
18. To Redeem 2:45
19. Junkie Parents 2:55

(All songs written by Vic Ruggiero)

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presented by: Wahrschauer, Slam, waste of mind, voice of culture, Blubsch

Aug 1 Amsterdam (NL) - cafebarco.nl
Aug 2 Utrecht (NL) - tba
Aug 3 Haarlem (NL) - tba
Aug 4 Cologne (GER) - Sonic Ballroom
Aug 6 Newcastle (UK)- Trillians
Aug 09 London (UK) - Underworld (w/ Hillbilly Moon Explosion)
Aug 10 Blackpool (UK) - Rebellion Festival
Aug 14 Beach near Pisa (IT) - Lago Festival
Aug 18 Napoli (IT) - Festival Ariano Irpino
Aug 20 London (UK) - Windmill Pub, Brixton
Aug 22 Cardiff (UK) - tba
Aug 23 Bristol (UK) - tba
Aug 27 Berlin (GER) - Jail
Aug 28 Hamburg (GER) - Hafenklang
Aug 29 Neuerode (GER) - Leib & Seele
Aug 30 Karlsruhe (GER) - Alte Hackerei
Aug 31 Bonn (GER) - Bla
Sep 1 Sittard (NL) - Ernestos
Sep 2 Dortmund (GER) - tba

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