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Longfingah - CITYOPIAN SPIRIT (05/2011)

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Reggae trip arround da world. While touring Longfingah recorded the tracks of 'Cityopian Spirit' together with different reggae producers and artists sometimes directly after the concerts. Due to that Longfingah's album deliver insight into current reggae scenes of Canada, France, Italy, Poland and Germany.

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Voodoo Moon - MOON BASE (CD 2010)

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On their second Album 'Moon Base' the young Berlin based Reggae and Ska band approves themselfs beeing versatile, presenting different styles from Roots Reggae to Ska, Early Reggae and spacy Dub parts.

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Paprika Korps - METALCHEM
(CD 06/2010)

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With 'Metalchem' Paprika Korps is writing a new chapter of Heavy Reggae. For more than 10 years Paprika Korps is touring non stop all over Europe with it's special mix of caribbean groove, Dub elements, Alternative Rock, psychedelic sounds and New Wave.

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Soniamiki - 7PM
(CD 11/2009)

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Poland is the new place to be for pop music with electronic synthie sounds of the 80ies mixed with the attitude of a singer songwriter. As animation movie maker, drawer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Soniamiki lives right in the middle of scene of young polish artists. >>> more

Lo-Fi-Youthz - FLY OVER THE YARD (CD 07/2009)

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The new stars of Berlin's reggae scene releasing their first album on moanin'. Lo-Fi Youthz are Lukas Leonhardt and Longfingah. At his Fire Tower Studio producer and track designer Lukas is creating the sound made of Reggae, Hip Hop and Dancehall. Longfingah is contributing his hooks and protest. >>> more

The Slackers SELF MEDICATION (10/08)

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Despite the fact that they call themselves  “The Slackers“, they are truly industrious. The already fourteenth album by the exceptional New York Ska band has been released on October 24th. The Slackers have always had their own mind and play by their own rules. In 1991 they began to kick the international Ska scene in the ass coolly and rhythmically. They gave the Blues to Ska, giving it back its soul - and call the outcome Jamaican Rock'n'Roll. >>> more


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The two Brothers Si and Tyber Cranstoun grew up with ska, reggae and soul music. In the 60ies their father Bill Cranstoun with his Savoy sound system was one of the precursors for jamaican music in England. Nowadays his sons entering the UK single charts without the help of any record label or promotion company. >>> more

Wood In Di Fire - NOON ON THE MOON (CD/online, 6/2008)

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Once again Wood In Di Fire spend some days at Germany's idyllic Uckermark to record their third album in a converted barn in the late summer of 2007. >>> more

Vic Ruggiero - Something In My Blindspot
(CD + online, 2/2008)

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Mister "I wrote those songs because I could not afford a shrink" Ruggiero has returned to the couch i.e. the recording studio. Although besides his main occupation - singer of the New York ska institution The Slackers - he's got numerous side projects like playing organ for Rancid, he found time this summer to record a new solo album in Berlin. >>> more

Paprika Korps - MAGNETOFON (CD + online, 09/2007)

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Alarming guitars meet driving offbeats, deep baselines, dub sounds and catchy melodies: "Heavy Reggae Rockers" is what Paprika Korps call their style. In Poland they are among the most popular reggae acts. On 21st September 2007, their 5th studio album will be released in Germany: Magnetofon. >>> more