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Que Pasa

Wood In Di Fire

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1. Signal One
2. Mellow Mood + Susan (Voc.)
3. Loe
4. Que Pasa? + Anja (Flute)
5. Di Chalis Haffi Bun MP3 full length, full quality + Hagen aka Longfingah (Voc.) + Anja (Flute)
6. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
7. Taboo
8. Fade Ayway + Anja (Flute)
9. Koo Koo + Mr. Tom (Voc.)
10. Foot In Di Wire + Hagen aka Longfingah (Voc.)
11. The Flip
12. Ska's The Limit + Susan (Voc.) + Anja (Flute)

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About the album

Here it is, the new album by Wood In Di Fire. It's called Que Pasa?
That means: What happened?

Three years ago, in the heart of Berlin, musicians from several Ska and Jazz bands met to celebrate handmade Roots Reggae. With a double bass, two Jazz guitars, a small drum set they started playing classics and unknown pearls from Reggae, Jazz, Latin and Soul. Of course there's also a horn section, and singers are invited  to bring in new flavours and their personal styles.

A barn in the countryside somewhere north of Berlin was used as a studio. the basic tracks were recorded there - live, in just three days. The band wanted to capture that special feeling of a live session.

The album features Mr. Tom, MC Longfingah and last but not least Susan Vegas as guest singers. Some extra Jazz feeling was added by Anja with the Flute.

The twelve tracks are a journey through the Offbeat universe la Wood In Di Fire. There's instrumental Reggae  (Signal One, Taboo, Fade Away) and some Dub  (Skas The Limit, Foot In Di Wire). The vocalists add their very own styles:
Susan whispers heartbreakingly Mellow Mood; Mr. Tom screams the 60ies -rocker Koo Koo and Longfingah leads us to the Dancehall with his ragga shouting on Di Chalis Haffi Bun.  There's also jazzy Ska (On The Sunny Side Of The Street) and some funk flavours in The Flip.