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The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean

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The Last Chance to Dance

The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean will celebrate the last concert of their band history. After 15 Years in music business they will light the big ska bomb once again - with a lot of extra surprising acts.

Founded in 1994 at Berlin's quarter Prenzlauer Berg for the eight-headed band it is a question of honor to say good bye to their fans right at this place and to rock the house one last time. Old boys will wave to the audience and an opulent program is planned for this night - as it used to be, if the 'TSG' have one night on the tiles.

To be honest, the reason for the break up is pitiable: the singer of the Band, Willie  Ocean, coming from a family based in Sierra Leone will have to leave Germany. The band loses its charismatic leader who joint the band no more than some years ago. 'But, no offence!' the indestructible group is quoted - at the leave the band will not mourn, this is for sure. Partying, dancing, feasting - for the last time The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean will announce a night of superlatives. Who's going to miss this will have no second chance.

Best Of Album "15 Years TSG"

The download of the entire Best Of Album is for free until the last concert of The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean at Berlin's Kesselhaus on March, 20th, 2009 only!

1. Tomorow I Die (Album "Specialized", 1998)
2. A Breath Of Sorrow (Album "Specialized", 1998)
3. Stranger In Winter (Album "Specialized", 1998)
4. Take The Ska-Train (Album "Can't Stand Sitting", 2000)
5. Rhythm'n'Brass (Album "Can't Stand Sitting", 2000)
6. Back (Album "Can't Stand Sitting", 2000)
7. Por Unos Pesos (Album "Can't Stand Sitting", 2000)
8. Double (Album "Can't Stand Sitting", 2000)
9. Fire Hot Watervom Album "Toxic Sweet Love", 2002)
10. Forget It (Album "Toxic Sweet Love", 2002)
11. Fallen (Album "Toxic Sweet Love", 2002)
12. What Took You So Long (Album "Toxic Sweet Love", 2002)
13. Main Reason (Album "Toxic Sweet Love", 2002)
14. Speedboat (Album "Suspicious Delicious", 2005)
15. Missing You (Album "Suspicious Delicious", 2005)
16. Waiting (Album "Suspicious Delicious", 2005)
17. Up To You (Album "Beetroot", 2007)
18. Wannabe (Album "Beetroot", 2007)
19. Talkin' Bout A Revolution (Album "Beetroot", 2007)
20. Beetroot (Album "Beetroot", 2007)

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The actual album: BEETROOT

>>> album info, MP3s and tracklist

 Band Info

The Special Guests were founded in 1994, which makes them one of the oldest active Ska and Reggae bands in Germany. Their records document a very special style - not just Two-Tone, Punk-Ska or Jamaica-Style.  After many years of touring and hundreds of sweaty concerts they've won enthusiastic fans in Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.

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 Line Up

Marko "Felge" Felgenhauer - Trumpet
Henning Raven - Trombone
David Ackermann - Tenor Sax
Daniel Sauerborn - Alto Sax
Sebastian Blottner - Organ/Piano
Christoph Becker - Guitar
Floe Brückner - Bass
Lukas Leonhardt - Drums
Willie Ocean - Vocals

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All releases are available at iTunes in Europe, US, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand!

CD (2007) - 13 Tracks
>>> about: beetroot

talkin' bout a revolution
online single (2007) - 2 Tracks

Suspicious Delicious
CD/LP (2005) - 13 Tracks

Brothers In Style
MaxiCD/12" (2003) – 4 Tracks
Split with Yellow Umbrella

Toxic Sweet Love
CD/LP (2002) – 12 Tracks
>> tracklist

If The Kids Are United
MaxiCD/12" (2001) – 4 Tracks

Can't Stand Sitting
CD/LP (2000) – 14 Tracks

CD/DoLP (1998) – 14 Tracks

Strength To Leave
7" (1997) – 4 Tracks
sold out

 Tour Dates

20.03.2009 Berlin, Kesselhaus - Good bye Concert

Booking: Agents4Music